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    Premier Pet Store in Columbus, Ohio

    Pet Store Columbus Ohio, the premier family-owned and -operated pet store in Columbus, offers everything you need to properly care for your pet. If you just picked out your first puppy or kitten, we have training pads and kitty litter boxes to get your furry friend’s house training off to a good start. If you have a lizard or a snake, we have the right kinds of lights to keep your cold-blooded friend just the right temperature. If you have a pet, we have everything you need to care for your pet.

    Not Your Average Columbus Pet Store

    We are much more than your average Columbus pet store. Our professionals are animal enthusiasts; we understand and appreciate the bond between pet owners and their pets. We specialize in animal care and we know what it takes to help you properly care for your pet. We want to help you enjoy your pet and have the best pet ownership experience possible.

    Our Products and Services

    We offer anything that a current or potential pet owner could need or want, including the following:

    • Wide selection of pet food and supplies
    • Pet adoption services
    • Birthday parties
    • Learning safaris
    • Hands-on learning opportunities

    Why Choose Us?

    Many customers throughout the Central Ohio area continue to make us their preferred pet shop in Columbus. Here are some of the reasons why:

    • Over 26 years of experience
    • Dedicated, experienced staff
    • AKC-approved, state-of-the-art facility
    • Hands-on approach to teaching pet owners about their pets


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    Pet Store Columbus Ohio
    Columbus, OH 43220

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